Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab

The advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab is the practical area of students, where the students perform all the advanced nursing procedures prior to their clinical posting.


Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab is aims to assist the basic knowledge of students and to give confidence for them to carry out the emergency procedures in particular situations.


Medical surgical lab provides safe training environment for all nursing students in practical courses. The lab has advanced CPR dummy, procedure dummies, infusion pump and Syringe Pump for teaching the student required skills. Students learn to perform and employ emergency case management in simulated clinical scenarios. It provides hands on learning experiences specific to course objectives as directed by nursing curriculum.

The lab is equipped with all sophisticated equipment and manikins to facilitate transition to actual clinical settings. A large collection of nursing models, manikins, advanced instruments and devices are available for full practical simulation of patient care.

Lab is well equipped with all the articles which required to perform basic and advanced nursing procedures such as:

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